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Vegan Dining Experience

What is the Cotton Creations Vegan Dining Experience?

The Cotton Creations Vegan Dining Experience is an extension to the Cotton Creations YouTube Channel, giving followers an in person experience to try many of the vegan recipes shared on the Cotton Creations YouTube Channel. This experience will travel to varies cities across the country. It's a small intimate event where guests will be served 6-7 courses all plant based dishes, plus entertainment, and wine or mimosas. 

There are two different experiences that we offer, Brunch & Dinner. Brunch includes 6 courses and Dinner includes 7 courses.

Who should attend? Everyone!! Non-vegans will be able to explore delicious plant based food that probably doesn't fit their typical perception of the vegan diet. There's so much more than just salads... Vegans will enjoy an event that makes their lifestyle the priority. 


We are excited to share the Cotton Creations Vegan Dining Experience will resume Summer 2021!! We will observe all CDC covid-19 safety protocols to ensure everyone's safety while attending our event. One great part about our event is that it was always small and intimate with guests size being 20-25 people. We will offer both the Brunch and Dinner experience. Group Discounts are available. See details below to purchase your tickets.

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