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My grandfather played an important role in the launch of my vegan products and services business, Cotton Creations LLC. I was very close to my grandfather and after his passing in 2016 due to several health-related illnesses (diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, and more) that are prevalent in the black community, I decided to adopt a vegan diet in my quest to begin a healthier lifestyle. The more educated I became on the connection between food and health, the more I felt a responsibility to share this information and educate my community on healthy eating solutions. This is when Cotton Creations was born.

-Sheenee Cotton

Cotton Creations is a lifestyle brand focused on providing healthier food alternatives in the plant-based space. We specialize in plant-based cuisine and products. We believe food is medicine. So it is our mission to provide our customers with healthier options that will help provide a better quality of life without compromising on the taste.


Our customers can learn about the positive impacts of a plant-based diet as well as enjoy our vegan cuisine at one of our traveling prix fixe plant-based brunch and dinner parties known as the Cotton Creations Vegan Dining Experience. Additionally, customers can also enjoy our easy-to-make vegan packaged products such as the Cotton Creations Vegan Honey Pecan Cornbread mix and Vegan Pancake & Waffle Mix from the comfort of their homes.

The owner, Sheenee Cotton, is also the inventor of the Ponytail Sleeve which is an innovative hair accessory used to make custom reusable invisible ponytails without damaging your hair. While there are many benefits of using the Ponytail Sleeve, an important one is now customers can create ponytails using any hair type/texture/color they choose to get a true match to their hair. Additionally, to help the fight for equality and justice, Cotton Creations LLC designed a Black Lives Matter hair pin collection so we can continue to amplify our voices even when we aren't speaking verbally!

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