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Vegan Honey Pecan Cornbread Mix

The perfect balance of sweet and buttery. Our delicious candied pecans provide texture and protein.

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Vegan Honey Cornbread Mix

The ultimate cornbread that is perfectly balanced to pair with sweet or savory dishes. It's so moist you won't know if you're eating cornbread or cake. Our vegan honey is made from apples.

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Vegan Pancake & Waffle Mix

Light, fluffy, flavorful pancakes and waffles. Our mix can also be used to make a variety of different types of pancake/waffle flavors as well as funnel cakes, fried Oreos, vegan bacon or sausage dippers, crepes, and more.

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Building Generational Health

We aim to provide plant-based alternatives and teach new healthy habits that can be passed down from generation to generation.

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Our Story

Learn more about how Chef Cotton started her vegan journey and how she decided to impact her community through her vegan activism. Click here

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